New House, New Garden


April 17th 2014

Lets start from the beginning.
My first ever non-student house, and I finally have my own garden.
We have inherited a large patch of muck (once upon a time, a shed), two peony plants, two compost bins, a Christmas tree and a washing line.
Prepare the garden lime (we are located in York, right next to the river so we have lovely clay soil!), the spades and the imagination.

April 17th (2)April 17th#

So this was the back garden on the day we moved in. 
We started by putting down lawn seed, and planting violas and pansies, and putting in a border. Certainly a good start. The first batch of plants were eaten by a rogue rabbit from a few doors down, but how could you be angry with a cutey like that? So, we reinforced the fence, replanted and it’s looking even better now, two months down the line. 
Next came the vegetable patch. My pride and joy. I started off all of my seeds in a little growhouse I brought, and then planted them out into my veg patch. With marigolds to protect against the torrent of slugs (more on that battle later), kale, rocket, lettuce and fennel. The vegetable patch started off the growing season well. 
20140608_104739 20140608_104732


One thought on “New House, New Garden

  1. Linda

    What a great blog (is that the right term?). It’s nice to see the garden progress and Dusty, Duncan and Molly happy.
    we’ve had two red admirals on the butterfly feeders this morning and I can see some others fluttering about. did you get round to making one? Linda x


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