The Slug Hunter


My other half, hereby known as The Slug Hunter, mostly leaves me to it when it comes to the garden. 

However he has ‘helped’ a little along the way. When shopping for plants for the garden he chose a beautiful Astilbe (also known as false spirea), which is just beautiful, this is the Lilac Younique variety, which unfortunately doesn’t stay in bloom all summer, but it looks fab when it is.
He also helped choose the bike shed (a moving in present from my parents), to keep the bikes safe, and out of the spare bedroom! And Molly (the cat) loves to sit on the roof.

He has also come in handy when building the bunny run, as shown below, it has its own sun-shade, as the only place it could be put is in full sun most of the day.
20140622_193015 20140706_124318

Today was the first time I ever let them out of the run, and the cat was a little suspicious. She usually either follows me around the garden as I’m pottering around, or sits in the catnip I planted out for her.
20140807_105741 20140426_175844 


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