A Well-Deserved Day Off.


Today it’s raining.20140808_163500 Enough to almost fill a 5L bucked I left under the drainpipe. So planting my new beautiful Cordyline australis ‘Pink Passion’ has been put off until this evening.

However, I still needed to string up my raspberries in the pouring rain, as I looked out of the kitchen window to find they were almost horizontal. Ooops. (sorry mum!).
This year my mum donated five raspberry runners, as well as 10 pots filled with this years strawberry runners. Last night, whilst planting out my lovely strawberries I was bitten. The culprit was not my savage cat, but quite possibly a horsefly/assasin bug larvae. Whatever it was, it hurts! And looks nasty. Not a good start to the weekend. And I have certainly learnt my lesson about gardening in sandals.
20140808_155513 20140808_155528


I have also purchased a potato bag, and have planted my first Christmas potatoes! Such excitement. I just hope the full day of rain hasn’t gotten them off to bad start.



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