After the storm


The worst of the weather has passed, and now comes the aftermath. 
I have found a large grouping of mushrooms growing right by my broccoli plants, and decided to have a quick google to see whether I should remove them, or if it’s safe to let them grow by my veg. 
My conclusion is that many gardening forums are helpful, and you will get helpful unbiased reactions from experienced gardeners, but some answers are horrific. What a great way to encourage new gardeners by posting comments like “obviously you have not researched organic gardening before starting, I advise that you put planting anything else on hold until you have a better understanding”. 

Now, I would call myself a beginner, often taking tips from gardening forums or my mum, but gardening is about trying, maybe failing, possibly creating something beautiful, and then trying to do the same, or better the next season.

For example, I got rather cocky with my brocolli and kale, and decided to remove the horticultural netting I had on them. 
Big mistake as I now have butterfly eggs all over. But how can I say that I like to encourage butterflies into my garden and the destroy the eggs? I will just wait for the caterpillars to hatch, and then move them elsewhere before they destroy anything, 
Also, butterfly eggs looks awesome! So hopefully we will be overrun with butterflies next year (and I’ll not be quite so silly and keep my brassicas covered).


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