The Tail of the Bunnies


Yes, I do apologise for the title!
The rabbits joined me at the end of my first year of University.
Dusty was an unwanted pet of a friend of a friend, and I took her in.
She is a lionhead, originally called Blue – and a he (the first visit to a vet was a shock). 

Once identified as a female – the name Dusty stuck, as she just collects the sawdust in her fur, and it ends up everywhere. Dusty was an indoor rabbit – I didn’t have a garden, and she had a cage and an indoor run – much to the annoyance of my housemates who could no longer use the front room!

And I loved to have her indoors – she was friendly and happy to see me every morning, and would sit on the sofa with me whilst I was reading.
However after 2 months I decided that she needed a friend whilst I was at work. She was getting grumpy, eating wallpaper and refusing to use her litter tray anymore. Off to get neutered, and a new friend for her.

Along came Duncan. This time a lionhead crossed with an English Spot.
They have been best friends ever since. However they both had a habit of eating wallpaper.

During my last year of University, I was not allowed to have the bunnies in my accommodation, so they went on Holiday to my parents – and they got an outside hutch, and little run and they were ever so happy.
Duncan Dusty

They learnt to dig – and eat anything they could get their little mitts on.
and now I have a garden – they have a little pen here too. I know my mum loved to have them, but I’m glad they are back. It’s just shame that they have such a thing for my strawberry plants.


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