August Veg Update


It’s now four months since we moved to York, and we have a fully functioning veggy patch! Yay!
The tomatoes have started to set on my Gardener’s Delights, and after spending a good hour removing all extra leaves and trusses that won’t set in time to fruit, they are looking pretty damn good. Not bad at all for an outdoor crop.


My next boast is for my broccoli plants ‘Monaco’. They have been eaten by many a caterpillar this year, but it hasn’t slowed them down. Even my slug-hunter is excited for these.


And then there are the donated raspberry plants which have withstood a broken fence post, unfortunately to fix the fence they will have to be moved, hence why it’s being held up with pieces of wood. I’m looking forward to a fruitful year next year.
Sorry ….

So finally, just to show you how the veg patch is coming along sinceĀ April – the before and after photos.
Thankfully it’s a lovely bank holiday weekend for a bit more pottering around, and it’s almost time to start planting out winter rocket – and then it’s time to sort the front garden. There’s always plenty to do.


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