A Slow Winter …


It’s been a slow winter, with my gardening priorities of 2014 being focused as a one-year cycle due to renting the house, the garden is not only bare, but also any surviving plants have been destroyed by the two rabbits (how could I possibly be mad at them though).
So with the heavy frosts leaving, and the seasons turning, it’s time to start the process again for the veg patch, and also to think about planting a few more perennials instead of the half-hardy annuals the garden was filled with last year.
20150214_160928 20150214_160939 20150214_160957 20150214_161601 20150214_161720

With every possible windowsill space taken up with trays and propagators – and a few mishaps when carting the filled tubes upstairs, it’s safe to say that the Slug Hunter isn’t best pleased!
But soon it will be time for him to venture into the garden to protect the Hostas for me.

This year I am going completely organic, no using slug pellets or buying plant feed. It’s going to be all about my patch of comfrey and spreading the message of not using peat.

I have also been issued the challenge of trying to grow my nan’s sweet peas – which so far have not been able to grow outside of her garden – at only 180 miles away, it’s worth a go!

So with a fresh start – the largest pile of veg and flower seeds possible, hopefully it will be a fun learning curve this year.


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