Allotment Dreams


This weekend I signed for my new allotment (5th April), and now all of my time will be spent there! IMGP0860

I managed to rope the slug hunter in to help me de-weed the plot, and after cutting back the autumn raspberries (very late, I know) and assessing the inherited plants (Gooseberries, rhubarbs and a few comfrey plants), I’m terribly pleased, and definitely happy to have a nice easy plot!


A little bit of weeding and the plot is ready to go, and the perfect time of year for it too.


After a full day in the sunshine, not only do I have amazing sunburn (must remember the suncream next time), but I’m full of hope for the year to come.


 And because the plot is rather bare at the moment, a lone catmint plant is in the middle. There may not be veg yet, but I may get some cats!


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