June in the allotment


The first plan of action was to build a hoop-house for my kale to ensure it didn’t take the onslaught from cabbage whites as I managed to get last year. After finding many online guides for the water pipes found in DIY stores I decided to go along this route, with a combination of netting pegs an digging the net into the ground to ensure it’s not torn up by the wind.


I was worried that I would have the same problem with cabbages, and so tried a different method to protect these. With just willow canes popped into the ground, and plant pots on top to hold the net up.
However during high winds the plant pots do pop off, so I need to find an alternative method here.


My little peas ‘Oskar’ are growing nicely, along with a row of borage infront, and trailing nasturtiums will (hopefully) start to grow up the canes soon.


I have also created trellis’s for my runner beans and french beans, which have since been twined to help the plants trail their way upwards.


So far, the plot is coming on really nicely, with a mixture of vegetables, fruit bushes and wildlife friendly plants, it’s really coming into it’s own.
The only part I am finding difficult is to thin out plants, at the moment I am planting all of my thinnings back home in my old veg patch, but soon there will be too many! I shall have to turn to freecycle as the idea of putting a perfect little seedling into the compost bin is heart breaking!



4 thoughts on “June in the allotment

  1. Looking good. You have really worked hard and it shows. A thought about a replacement for the upturned plastic pots on the canes. I use the plastic play balls (they also bring in some funky colour) or you could use tennis balls – but tougher to make a hole in. Failing that, yoghurt drink bottles.


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