Upcycling, and a new hobby.


This year, when I found out I had an allotment to call my own, my first thoughts were ‘well that means my patch from last year in the garden can be a cut flower patch’.
Long have I dreamed of popping into the back garden to cut a few stems and have them in a vase on my table.

So when I found a well recommended (and well priced) floristry introduction evening nearby, I politely asked (read begged), two of my work colleagues to come along with me.

It was without a doubt the most fun that can possibly be had on a Monday evening with a lovely early start looming the next day.
The teacher showed a nice simple design, and then let us loose!

The finished product was acceptable, and I’m now thoroughly hooked. Deffinitely more lessons to come, and I can’t wait to be able to use my own plants.
And whilst on the subject of flowers, my first sweet pea bloomed this week. What a beauty, and it’s definitely a pungent smell!


This week I also decided that I needed a nice project for the garden, it appears to be somewhat overlooked at the moment whilst I am spending so much time at the allotment, so I decided to upcycle some old guttering into lettuce holders.
They are tied onto the top of the rabbit cage so the little rascals can’t escape and nibble their way through them.
I just need to find a way to bung the ends so that the soil doesn’t run out.


Hopefully this week I can spend some more time weeding the allotment to ensure that it’s ready to go go go as soon as the sun starts shining.


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