Attack of the aphids!


I have never seen so many aphids as are underneath the large saucer-shaped leaves of my nasturtiums. It’s like a whole world under there! I am priding myself on single-handedly thinning the population for the other allotmenteers!


My allotment is looking neat and tidy, which is slightly worrying ….. when will the onslaught of weeds come?!
Another note of interest, I haven’t seen a single slug on the allotment, nor any slug/snail damage.


The kale is really starting to come along nicely – both curly kale and redbor kale, happily growing next to each other. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on these!
20150629_191125This week I was also donated some more sweetcorn plants from a neighbour. So in the space of a week I have gone from 6 plants to 12. Lots of popcorn this year!


My other very proud moment comes from the sunflowers. They are really coming along nicely, sturdy plants which will soon need to be staked as they will one day become ‘giants’ (over 7 foot).


And a final note from this week, poor Dusty was having to be syringe-fed this week due to a bout of GI stasis. Don’t forget to keep your buns cool this summer.



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