Bring on the hoverflies.


With an onslaught of aphids on the allotment, my poached egg plants (Limnanthes douglasii), couldn’t have started flowering sooner. A cheery plant, often advised by the RHS to encourage children to participate in the garden, at the ripe old age of 23 – I’m still a massive fan. Bring on the hoverflies.
IMGP2051The cucumbers, courgettes and squashes are now really sprinting into summer, with a growth spurt over the last few days, and flowers forming, I’m no longer worried that they won’t make it to fruiting in time.
However the same can’t be said about my aubergine plants which are currently still 7cm high. Hopefully they will get cracking soon.

As we got the allotment in April, and the raspberries (autumn canes) hadn’t been cut, we decided to try an experiment. When looking to see if I could cut them so late I came across a few instances where if the canes are left, they fruit alongside summer fruiting canes. It was worth a try, so we chopped down 4/5 of the canes, leaving around 10 or so plants at their full height from last year, and they have started to fruit!
Next year I do need to mulch and make sure they have a nice comfrey feed, but it’s a good way to stop the 14-day glut often found, with drawers of the freezer quickly filling up with raspberries.
Also note I couldn’t even make it past taking a photo without popping one off, it seems most won’t make it past the allotment threshold.



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