A new arrival and lack of time!


So, it’s been  while since I have spent more than 5 minutes at the allotment, but we have a new addition to the family. Canine, not human. She’s an Old English Sheepdog called Ponyo, 11 weeks old as of Friday and the cutest little thing ever. Even if she does have a liking of chewing on my plant pots.


My sunflowers have finally flowered, and they are beautiful! Not a massive variety, but with nice large orangey petals.


Also since my last visit my gladioli have flowered, lovely and dark blooms. Yum.


And finally some sad news, that lovely strong willow trellis I made for my broad beans was not strong enough to hold the plants up. I found it horizontal on top of my kale – not the best place for it. Maybe I will go with the trend of using scaffolding next season!


And amongst the hoards of weeds, there are some lovely big sweetcorn plants growing. 
 Happy harvesting!

Courgette count so far: 34