Sowing the seeds of Spring


Today I sowed my first seeds for the year, started to draw my plans for the allotment (it will change another  thousand times before Summer starts) and ordered my new raspberry canes.

Happy sowing all.


New year, new garden


It may be strange to say but I love January! To me it’s the start of the new year, I can plan my garden and allotment, start to look through my collection of seeds and decide what I will use and what I can give away this time. It’s a time for reflection of what went wrong and could have gone better for the previous year and most of all, the hazy fog of Winter blues lifts (for me anyway!).
This year I am going simple. Only planting what me and my slug hunter like to eat, no crops for the sake of it, although there will still be flowers to bring me joy when I need it. Ot will be basic and lovely and my green spaces will be full of all the things I love.
I hope everyone else is looking forward to this year as much as I am.
Happy gardening all.