Autumn bird welcoming


It’s coming up to the end of September, which means the return of the birdies.
As we have no bird bath in our garden, I thought I would make a cheap alternative for the Autumn. With a large plastic base, a bucket of rainwater and some oregano plants to border it, I think it makes a nice little drinking hole. It has already been approved by both the bunnies and the cat!

As it’s not deep enough to hold any aerating plants, the water will have to be removed and replenished every now and then, but it’s not too close to the tree to get leaves in it, and gets a small amount of sun during the afternoon, so hopefully will be algae free. Plus it has the obligatory little ramp and stones for mini beasties – hopefully it’ll be frequented by plenty of feathered friends this Autumn.
Also to note this week has been the daily top up needed for the bird feeders – they’re really getting through it, and also making a mess of the grass underneath. A good job I’m not the football-ground turf-type.