New raspberries for the new year


I finally convinced my slughunter to help me with building a support for my new raspberry canes. They are made from old loft rafters taken out of the neighbours house when they had an extension put in.

Some wire guide lines and 15 new rapsberry plants and I am a tired and happy allotmenteer. Next for some more weeding before I can really start going for the season. 

This time I brought my canes by mail order instead of taking some from my garden as they have some sort of virus that turns the leaves black at the end of the season, and I wouldnt want to spread it through my allotment. I have also replaced my strawberries this year, and my leeks are growing well in the propogator. 


Allotment Dreams


This weekend I signed for my new allotment (5th April), and now all of my time will be spent there! IMGP0860

I managed to rope the slug hunter in to help me de-weed the plot, and after cutting back the autumn raspberries (very late, I know) and assessing the inherited plants (Gooseberries, rhubarbs and a few comfrey plants), I’m terribly pleased, and definitely happy to have a nice easy plot!


A little bit of weeding and the plot is ready to go, and the perfect time of year for it too.


After a full day in the sunshine, not only do I have amazing sunburn (must remember the suncream next time), but I’m full of hope for the year to come.


 And because the plot is rather bare at the moment, a lone catmint plant is in the middle. There may not be veg yet, but I may get some cats!