The rhubarb update


With nothing much looking that great in garden or allotment at the moment, this little beauty is giving me hope of the spring to come

Trying to dig my allotment whilst pregnant isn’t the easiest or most comfortable thing I have done recently so I may start to delegate this task to slug hunter, he did get me in this mess so it seems only fair!

Happy digging.


The rhubarb is coming…


I love that moment you start to see new shoots, seeds starting to sprout abd the first rhubarb leave starting to unfurl.

Today was the day for my rhubarb to rear its head, and whilst today I am super excited, in 2 months’ time I will be sick of the sight of rhubarb! 

Its a big old clump and one of around 7 clumps so will need to seperate come this autumn, but for now I know my plot has some life to it! 

Come on summer!

New raspberries for the new year


I finally convinced my slughunter to help me with building a support for my new raspberry canes. They are made from old loft rafters taken out of the neighbours house when they had an extension put in.

Some wire guide lines and 15 new rapsberry plants and I am a tired and happy allotmenteer. Next for some more weeding before I can really start going for the season. 

This time I brought my canes by mail order instead of taking some from my garden as they have some sort of virus that turns the leaves black at the end of the season, and I wouldnt want to spread it through my allotment. I have also replaced my strawberries this year, and my leeks are growing well in the propogator. 

Those pesky weeds


This Winter has been kind to the weeds; my allotment is now a sea of green that I have been putting off tackling for a while. 

And the inherited raspberry plants that have been nothing but a disappointment since we took on the plot are still waiting to be dug up and replaced with tasty varieties that turned up this week. Looks like I can’t put it off much longer. 

I hope to have some time to dig and weed and get on top of the allotment this weekend, but growing a tiny human is hard work! 

At least the evenings are staying lighter for longer, just what we need to lift the spirits.

Happy digging!

New year, new garden


It may be strange to say but I love January! To me it’s the start of the new year, I can plan my garden and allotment, start to look through my collection of seeds and decide what I will use and what I can give away this time. It’s a time for reflection of what went wrong and could have gone better for the previous year and most of all, the hazy fog of Winter blues lifts (for me anyway!).
This year I am going simple. Only planting what me and my slug hunter like to eat, no crops for the sake of it, although there will still be flowers to bring me joy when I need it. Ot will be basic and lovely and my green spaces will be full of all the things I love.
I hope everyone else is looking forward to this year as much as I am.
Happy gardening all.

A new arrival and lack of time!


So, it’s been  while since I have spent more than 5 minutes at the allotment, but we have a new addition to the family. Canine, not human. She’s an Old English Sheepdog called Ponyo, 11 weeks old as of Friday and the cutest little thing ever. Even if she does have a liking of chewing on my plant pots.


My sunflowers have finally flowered, and they are beautiful! Not a massive variety, but with nice large orangey petals.


Also since my last visit my gladioli have flowered, lovely and dark blooms. Yum.


And finally some sad news, that lovely strong willow trellis I made for my broad beans was not strong enough to hold the plants up. I found it horizontal on top of my kale – not the best place for it. Maybe I will go with the trend of using scaffolding next season!


And amongst the hoards of weeds, there are some lovely big sweetcorn plants growing. 
 Happy harvesting!

Courgette count so far: 34